The no frills dialup internet service providing
faster than normal connections for free!

  • Access Number: 0845 125 3705
  • Username: lush Password: lush
  • Mail Server:

Lush Dialup is an easy, simple way to help you get online fast. We don’t need to confuse our customers with complicated processes and annoying jargon. In fact, we operate a jargon free, contract free, subscription free policy with our affordable dial up service.

We don’t charge you any connection or set up fees. You won’t even need to pay a service charge, it’s all completely free. The only cost to you is the call fees for the time you spend online. This is operated by your telephone provider and will be detailed on your regular bill.

Why Choose Us

Here at Lush Dialup we understand that getting online quickly and easily is important to you. Having problems connecting and being blocked by irritating engaged tones are a thing of the past when you choose Lush Dial Up for your internet service. We guarantee you will never be prevented from connecting due to engaged ports.

Our premium dial up service is one of the fastest comparable connections available. We are one of the only providers that can offer our customers an uncontended service. Getting started is a very simple process as our set up is both free of charge and easy to complete. We guarantee to never charge you a subscription fee and you won’t need to pay call out fees for a technician.

If you’re at all confused by any of our services or terms we’ve used to describe our affordable dial up solutions, please feel free to read our helpful FAQ section, or get in touch with your query.

We’ve also got an informative Articles section to give you some insight into how dial up works and why it’s a great option for your internet service.

If you’ve decided that you want affordable internet and are tired of overpaying for your current service, Lush Dial Up is perfect for you. We’ve included the settings you will need to set up a free Lush Dial Up connection. If you’d prefer an even easier method, simply click the Quick Start button located at the top of the page. This will automatically set up your connection and allow you to get online quickly and easily.

Get Started

Read enough already? Below are the settings you need to setup a Lush Dialup connection. But because we want to make life easier for everyone, you can just click the Quickstart button at the top of this page to automatically setup your connection.

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  • Access Number: 0845 125 3705
  • Username: lush
  • Password: lush
  • Mail Server: